ALL CLASSES..  NO Multi Coil Ignition. Only 1 Ignition per Car

LM, MOD, SS, MS.. Side Vent Windows may be no longer than 12in long

MOD.. Bumps ARE Allowed

4/16/2020 SS Rule Clarification.. *Max tread width 78” measured from outside wheel rim lip to outside wheel rim lip at spindle height.

~  In the case of an accident. DO NOT Remove your Helmet, Belts or Hans Device. The Safety Team will  first Access and Assist Driver. DO NOT EXIT CAR UNLESS ONFIRE, UNTIL DIRECTED TO BY SAFETY TEAM

~  IF you are pulled off the Track, you will not storm the Pit Shack. If this happens, disciplinary action will be taken.

~ Each Team must have 1 Person to be their Tech Representative. Only your chosen Tech Representative may enter the Tech Area with you during Inspection. Your Tech Representative may NOT approach Car until/unless directed to do so by Tech Official.

~  Anyone with a Race Related Issue should contact the Pit Shack to have message relayed to the Race Director for their attention.

~ Track Probation.. Any Driver / Crew may be placed on Probation if their Race Day on/off track actions are deemed unacceptable. Driver / Crew will be notified by AMS Management.

~ General Rules.. Breakout rule is now changed to 2/10th for LM/MOD/SS/MS/FWD.  If you go under your qualifying time you will be told to go to the tail. You must drop to the inside, and fall back immediately. Failure to do so will result in no score for points or pay.  Tower will call out car number being Black Flagged and you will also be told car number you are to fall behind. RULE EXCLUDES FAST QUALIFIER. Black Flag will co-inside with 2 Caution Flag limit per race per Driver. Scratch time you go to the tail of both fast heat and feature.


~ FWD Teams.. AMS will require any AMS  Registered FWD to Fully Comply with ALL VCTS Rules if they plan to race with VCTS in 2020 at AMS.

~  Following the Feature Events there will be an area roped running from the Track Exit to the Tech Building. NO Driver may hand any items out of their cars or be approached until after having completed Post Race Tech Inspection with their Tech Representative. Failure to comply will result in DQ, loss of Points & Pay.   

~ Checks written to AMS on Race Nights by Drivers will receive their written check back, and the amount will be deducted from their nightly payout. If a Driver receives less payout for the night than check was written for, Driver will receive a check from AMS. We have too many Drivers writing checks at a business where we payout in cash. Ty AMS Management. 2. NO SPEEDING THRU PITS!! 1ST Offense = Warning. 2nd Offense = $35 Fine. 3rd Offense = LOAD UP!!

~ Attn Drivers & Owners.. . AMS has a ZERO tolerance for fighting in the Pits between Drivers & Teams. AMS Drivers are responsible for actions of their Team and Car Owners. If anyone leaves their pit area to confront another Driver or Team, the Driver will risk loss of points & pay for the night, as well as all persons involved being banned or placed on probation for a specified amount of time. Any Driver or Car Owner can contact  the Pit Shack or Steve in the Tech Building with any grievances and request a private meeting with AMS Race Director Jeff Barney  at the conclusion of all Feature events. AMS Management


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Tel: 260-495-RACE is our RACE DAY contact number!

During the week please email or facebook message for quick response!

Email: raceangolamotorspeedway@gmail.com

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