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8-25-2022 - SS Drivers.. IF you have heim joins on your rear trailing arms. You will be required to report to tech prior to any on-track access. Your trailing arms will be marked and sealed, plus you will receive a 50lb weight penalty. Weight penalty will be added onto AMS SS Required minimum weight.


4-16-2022 - AMS will be Implementing a Tire Inventory Management Program for 2022. Please be sure to click Drivers Tab, then Rules, then Tires and follow link for full details.

CONDUCT RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED All Drivers are expected conduct themselves, Crew, Family, & Friends in a manner not detrimental to AMS or Stock Car Racing. Profanity in front of Race Fans, Management, or Officials (including profane signs) will not be tolerated, and will be subject to suspension or other penalties. Conduct at AMS or on Social Media deemed offensive or detrimental to AMS or Sponsors may be subject to disqualifications, loss of points, loss of pay, suspension, or all. This is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated. AMS needs Drivers, Teams, Crew, Families & Friends to provide a place for you to race. Drivers need Sponsors for their Race Cars & AMS depend on Sponsors to help keep the shows up and going. Think before you act, and consider how your actions would be viewed by your Sponsor. Would you take the chance on possibly losing them or embarrassing them? You represent your Team, Sponsors and AMS. Together it is our job to put FANS in the stands. Be a Mentor to the young Race Fans who look up to you. We have a great facility and Drivers with the ability to put on an excellent show. Let’s make it a fabulous year with a goal of working together and showing what we have to offer to the FANS and SPONSORS. Thank You for your support AMS Management

In 2022 AMS will not Require Drivers to purchase their own Transponder. In 2022 AMS will give Drivers the option of Purchasing their own Transponder, or Renting a Transponder for $5 weekly from AMS. ALL Drivers in all classes will be required to have a Transponder Pouch..

~ Breakout rule is now changed to 2/10th for LM/MOD/SS/FWD. HEAT 2 consecutive laps, black flag, tail of longest line in Feature. FEATURE 2 consecutive laps black flag, exit track. Failure to comply will result in no score for points or pay. RULE EXCLUDES TOP 2 QUALIFIERS. Black Flag will co-inside with 2 Caution Flag limit per race per Driver. Drivers are required to Scratch time within 15min of Qualifying. If you Scratch, you go to the tail of both Fast Heat and tail of longest line in Feature. If you feel you will run under your time due to Raceday adjustments, we recommend you scratch your time, and start from tail in Feature.


~ FWD Teams.. AMS will require any AMS  Registered FWD to Fully Comply with ALL VCTS Rules if they plan to race with VCTS in 2022 at AMS.


~ Attn Drivers & Owners.. . AMS has a ZERO tolerance for fighting in the Pits between Drivers & Teams. AMS Drivers are responsible for actions of their Team and Car Owners. If anyone leaves their pit area to confront another Driver or Team, the Driver will risk loss of points & pay for the night, as well as all persons involved being banned or placed on probation for a specified amount of time. Any Driver or Car Owner can contact  the Pit Shack or Steve in the Tech Building with any grievances and request a private meeting with AMS Race Director Jeff Barney  at the conclusion of all Feature events. AMS Management

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