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NO PETS are permitted in the Pits, Grandstands, Camping Area or Tunnel. This is for the Safety of everyone attending AMS &  your Pets Safety.

AMS Staff, MVR, and VARC will begin Camping Set-Up on Friday 9/2. They will be the only people permitted to Camp Friday Night.  

AMS Front Gate will be unlocked at Noon on Saturday Sept 3rd for Camping set-up for Tribute Weekend. Campers must check in at the Ticket Window, and will be directed to the permitted Camping Area. Camping Check-Out will be 10am on Monday 9/5 to permit AMS Staff has to have entire AMS Facility cleaned by Noon.

All camp fires are required to be contained within a burn ring (do not put glass bottles in your burn ring). There are NO Hook-Ups Available, all primitive camping. Campers are required to clean their campsite of debris and rubbish when they leave. There are 2 dumpsters next to the building, if you need a trash bag please ask.

Quiet Time is from 12:30am on Sunday Morning to 6:30am, and 1am Monday Morning to 6:30am. During “Quiet Time” Tunnel Access to Showers & Bathrooms will CLOSED!!I Guest are expected to clean up after themselves, and take all their belongings with them following showers. If we can’t respect the Neighbors and AMS Employees needing sleep and time to prep for the next days event, then we won’t be permitted to allow camping on Holiday Weekends.  

NO children under 13 are permitted to drive Golf Carts, ATV, 4 Wheelers, Ect on AMS Grounds. AMS Pits Require all Golf Carts, ATV, 4 Wheelers, Ect to only be operated by Licensed Drivers & AMS Registered Drivers. The Pit Area isn’t a playground, and we have too many Minors not being monitored by an Adult.